Walden, a long-term vision

18 August 2022 / By Laure Murat

The Walden Group has gone through several phases of development over the generations. 

Initially a regional pharmaceutical logistics solutions company with CSP created in 1951, the group then took on a national scope with the 2nd generation of family entrepreneurs. Today the Walden group is managed by Stéphane Baudry who represents the 3rd generation of entrepreneurs. 

For 20 years now, with the help of his brother and sister, he has been developing the family business in France by expanding the company’s activities, in particular with pharmaceutical transport, the internationalisation of the company towards the Belgian market, and the development of express transport for professionals, which has opened up Walden to other markets. Another highlight in 2020 was the expansion of the group throughout Europe with the acquisition of Movianto. 

Today, the Walden Group is a European group offering logistics and transport services around two poles of expertise: 

Distribution of healthcare products in Europe and the United Kingdom. The Walden Group is a key partner in the drug supply chain. It has been in the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. 

An express transport network, serving many different sectors of activity for their professional needs and more recently helping companies deliver to the final consumer with the acquisition in 2022 of Relais Colis. 

This is a great development for this family business from Auvergne, which is already preparing for the future with the arrival of the 4th generation in the company. The group’s ambitions are numerous, including the development and harmonisation of services in the territories where the company is already present on the one hand and on the other hand, a geographical ambition beyond European borders. 

At the same time, the group has been undertaking a significant investment plan over the past few years to continually improve its services, infrastructure, and tools, notably by investing in digital technology and artificial intelligence, and reducing its carbon footprint.  

“As the fourth generation of Walden entrepreneurs enters the company, I am delighted to be able to guide them in this adventure, which I have been passionate about for years. I am very lucky to have been able to benefit from guidance from my grandfather and my father, and I am delighted to be able to do this in my turn today. Our ambitions are great, and beyond our family adventure, we can count on the daily commitment of remarkable women and men within our organisation who have contributed to the development of the company in recent years. The Walden family is about flexibility, agility and above all the ability to believe that anything is possible”. 

About the Walden Group

Founded in 1951 in France, the Walden Group is a family-owned company whose ambition is to become a global player in supply chain and logistics. Its activities are grouped around two poles of expertise: on the one hand, logistics and transport of health products (with Movianto for logistics, Eurotranspharma for temperature-controlled last mile transport and Transpharma International for first mile transport) and, on the other hand, an express transport pole (with Ciblex, DPXS, and Eco course Optic). To support its activities, the group relies on another subsidiary, Walden Digital, which develops IT and digital solutions tailored to the specificities of the group’s business. The Walden Group has developed rapidly, notably with the recent acquisition of Movianto in June 2020. Present in 15 countries (France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Morocco, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, India and Romania), the group employs more than 5,300 people on 180 sites and nearly 800,000 m² of warehouses. The Walden Group had a turnover of €1.7 billion in 2021.   

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