Walden (ex-EHDH) finalizes the acquisition of Movianto

18 June 2020 / By Laure Murat

Walden (ex-EHDH) finalizes the acquisition of Movianto and becomes the leading pharmaceutical logistics and transport player in Europe

Walden (formerly EHDH) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Movianto, thereby becoming the European leader in transport and logistics services for the pharmaceutical sector. Stéphane Baudry, Chairman and CEO of Walden, is the majority shareholder of the new group. This acquisition is made on the basis of an enterprise value of 133 million US Dollars.

After Ciblex, Eurotranspharma, Eurodis and Ecocourses, the acquisition of Movianto marks a new essential milestone in the development of the family group founded in 1951 by the grandfather of current CEO Stéphane Baudry. 70 years after the creation of CSP and the first pharmaceutical pre-wholesaler warehouse in Clermont-Ferrand, the Walden group becomes the leading logistics and transport group in Europe.

The Walden group, born from the merger of EHDH and Movianto, currently has more than 5,000 employees spread over 625,000 m² of warehouses located in 12 European countries. Walden’s teams deliver nearly 500 000 packages a day with a quality that has made its reputation in a market where regulatory and health requirements make it one of the most specific to operate.

The Walden group will operate its services through its subsidiaries, the main brands of which are:
Movianto, for logistics
Eurotranspharma and Ciblex, for transport to pharmacies and hospitals
Transpharma International, for upstream transport and freight forwarding
Pharma Pilot, for IT solutions

Walden inherits the technological advance from the EHDH group, which very early made the choice to invest in a unique integrated proprietary information system, interfaced with all the solutions on the market. This strategic choice gives Walden a head start which not only enables it to offer better quality and better competitiveness, but above all allows its partners to be at the forefront of the latest innovations in the sector.

Concretely, this technological advance allows Walden to be the first player to provide its customers, within the same platform, with a one-stop service: real-time traceability throughout the supply chain, laboratory control quality, marketing authorizations, import and pharmaceutical release, customs broker, management of hospital calls for tenders, serialization, intelligent storage, “goods to man” process, scheduling, last miles deliveries, OPC invoicing … This new offer meets the needs and current trend of optimizing logistics processes and streamlining flows both with health entities (pharmacies, hospitals) but also directly to patients.

This acquisition marks a major step in the development of the group that my grandfather founded 70 years ago: it is with honor and determination that I will carry out the integration of Movianto, which fits perfectly with our strategy of offering the best access solution to the European market for laboratories and health institutions. In a rapidly changing world, the challenges of the coming years lie in securing physical flows, particularly in sensitive industries with high added value. The tendency of laboratories to approach their end customers via “Direct To Patients” fits perfectly into our culture of always placing the customer at the center of our concerns.

Stéphane Baudry, Chairman of Walden
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