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Founded in 1951
in the CENTER of France,
Walden is an independent
family group
driven with passion
to become
today’s European leader
in healthcare
transport & logistics.

We are passionate about driving quality into the markets we operate in. We want to be the leaders in healthcare. What we do, we do well and constantly strive to do better. We don’t want to maintain the status quo; we are always future-focused and action-oriented.

We empower our teammates to continuously seek out new ways of working and be brave in order to achieve quality results that delight and exceed expectations of clients, teammates, investors, and partners. Both traceability and security are high priority to us, and we always innovate to become more trustworthy every day.

There is a solution to every problem. The essence of our organisation is one born from entrepreneurial spirit. We celebrate creativity, thinking outside of the box, coming up with new ideas and services. We are open to ideas that challenge the norm and drive innovation.

Innovation is the essence to creating value for our clients. We innovate to influence the markets we play in, we innovate in how we operate so that our footprint on the environment is greener than it was before and we believe innovation is key for improving our growth and profitability.

We care for our clients. We look at our business through the eyes of our clients. We listen to their asks. We strive to ensure that each interaction with our organisation is kept as simple as possible. We lead with client insight to deliver best in class services.

“Client is always right, especially when he is wrong” Marcel Baudry, Founder of EHDH in 1951

More than delivering logistics and transport highest standards, we constantly reinvent ourselves to create and aggregate consistent added value services to our partners, in a simple one-stop-shop.

Stéphane BaudryChairman of Walden


/ Service

With a client-centric
approach, Walden offers
a full-stack solution
to address various markets
through a full
one-stop-shop built
on four pillars.

01.  Logistics

Movianto® (&CSP) – The logistics for pharma, a logistics solution equipped with the latest stock management technologies fulfilling the pharmaceutical highest quality standards and at the same time enabling to offer tailor made service to the pharmaceutical customers

02.  Added value services

Added Value Services for Pharma, offering unique value-added services to enable an easy go-to-market for laboratory in Europe (laboratory testing, marketing authorization, order to cash hospital tenders, labelling, etc.)

03.  Transport

Transpharma International®, global connecting solutions for freight forwarding, primary transport, clinical trials, goods tracking, ADHOC Transport,  worldwide shipments
Eurotranspharma® – Pharma delivered, a last-mile transport solution in regulated and ambiant environments offering all the options and guarantees necessary for the transport of medicines
Ciblex® – Express ambient temperature & D2P,
a transport solution dedicated exclusively to B2B, specialized in pharmaceuticals, optics, high-tech and all products requiring special treatment

04.  Digital & Innovation

Pharma Pilot® Smart & dedicated IT solutions for pharma, IT services team specialized in the development of innovative and reliable IT applications for the pharmaceutical sector, WMS, TMS, Web Access, D2P platform


With a full
European coverage
empowered by
6000 dedicated COLLABORATORS,
Walden is the new
European leader
in healthcare distribution.

180Countries Deliver & Collect
625warehouses (k sqm)
27Logistics Sites in Europe


/ Executive committee

Our group is led
by a seasoned team
of complementary profiles
all sharing the same
values of integrity.





/ Newsroom

They are talking
about us…

The integration of Movianto by the group of Auvergne origin EHDH will give birth to the European number one in the transport of health products, whose turnover will exceed one billion euros.

Les Echos28 jan 2020

It is one of the very first European players in the transport of pharmaceutical products. Its teams are at the forefront of the fight against the Covid-19 for the supply of medicines to hospitals, nursing homes and health centers.

Actu Transport Logistique21 apr 2020
TODAY.  Walden Group finalises acquisition of Relais Colis

The acquisition of Relais Colis represents a real turning point for the Walden Group. This opportunity is part of the group’s long-term vision and will fortify the future of Walden and all its employees. It is now essential to respond to the needs of the market and of our business customers who have been waiting for a bridge to B2C deliveries.

Stéphane BaudryChairman of Walden


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competitive and
global solution.

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