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Founded in 1951 in France, Walden is an independent, family-owned, and operated group. Initially specializing in the distribution of healthcare products in Europe, the group is now applying its culture of quality and operational excellence to other sectors. The Walden Group is now positioned as a key partner in the European supply chain.

We are passionate about what we do and are constantly striving for quality in the markets we serve. What we do, we do well, and we constantly strive to do better by being proactive and looking to the future.

We enable our people to explore new ways of working and encourage ambitious actions to achieve results that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

Traceability and safety are at the heart of our concerns and, thanks to our approach of continuous improvement, we innovate to improve performance, transparency and bring new solutions to our markets.

There is a solution to every problem. The DNA of our organisation is based in an entrepreneurial spirit that we have maintained over the years. We celebrate creativity, thinking out of the box, coming up with new ideas and services. We are open to ideas that challenge the norm and stimulate innovation.

Innovation is the essence of creating value for our clients. We innovate to influence the markets in which we operate, we innovate in the way we operate so that our environmental footprint is greener than before.

We care about our customers. We look at our solutions through the prism of our customers’ needs, listening to them to understand the real need behind each of their requests. We are committed to make every interaction with our services as simple as possible. We are particularly attentive to feedback from our customers, whoever they may be, and we believe that this helps us to progress.

In addition to offering high-quality logistics and transport services, we are constantly reinventing ourselves to provide value-added services that meet the changing needs of our clients, their customers, and our partners. Our goal is to offer a turnkey solution that is adapted and consistent.

Stéphane BaudryChairman of Walden


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Every product is important to us and, above all, to the person waiting for it. We have built up a complete and flexible range of supply chain services to ensure that your products are taken care of reliably, at the right time and to the right recipient.

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Taking care of your products until they reach their final destination is our mission, meeting expectations and deadlines is our daily challenge.

Our solutions are organized around two areas of expertise, allowing us to pay particular attention to the specificities of each of the markets in which we operate.

Walden Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions

Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions

Walden Express International

Walden Express International

Walden Digital IT Solutions

Walden Digital IT Solutions


The services we offer are tailor-made solutions. We listen to our clients’ problems and respond with new ways of working. We like the fact that each new client is a new story to be invented together.

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625warehouses (k sqm)
27Logistics Sites in Europe


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Our group is led by a seasoned team of complementary profiles all sharing the same values of integrity.





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Today, more than ever, we are aware that a sustainable corporate policy is essential, whether in social, economic or environmental terms. For more than 12 years now, we have been a member of the UN Global Compact and have integrated its objectives and recommendations into our roadmap signed with this international organization. This year, I’m pleased to announce that we’re renewing our membership and looking to go even further. Indeed, thanks to the rich diversity of our Group, we have identified many opportunities for environmental and social initiatives.

Stéphane BaudryChairman of Walden


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